First experience of a real unmanned fixed-wing plane
combined with AR function and first-person control
Industrial design,
3D visualization
DD1 is a fixed-wing drone concept design developed
for "Dedicated Drones" startup. The team is creating
entertainment platform on the base of radio controlled plane.
Our main task was to reconsider a classic shape and construction
of fixed-wing aircraft, and come up with an idea of how a modern unmanned drone would look like.
Nowadays drones take more parts in various production fields, as well as in our everyday lives. One of the most popular construction types for entertainment and personal use are multi-rotors (most common are quad-copters) - because of their high stability during flight, and also the ability to hover in the air multi-rotors became very popular among photographers and FPV racers. On the minus side: multi-rotors increase significantly current drain, which results in short life of battery (5-10 minutes for racing drones and 15-40 minutes for photo and video shooting drones). At the same time, familiar fixed-wing construction of a plane allows to glide and fly longer and is also easier to pilot manually, which makes it a perfect solution for a gaming plane aimed to give an unforgettable flight experience. We gladly helped Dedicated Drones to translate their vision into shape.
First Person View
(abbr. FPV) — or video piloting, is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot's view point. The vehicle is either driven or piloted remotely from a first-person perspective via an onboard camera, fed wirelessly to video FPV goggles, or a video monitor.
At this stage we brought in several designers and asked them to express their aesthetic vision of the plane body. During sketching we decided to skip detailed technical specifics and focus on main features, in this case - a lightweight construction and a seat for camera on the front side, protected with a glass cover.
Other important, yet often underrated task at the final stage of concept design is visualization of an outcome. Today most of the marketing and sales takes place on the internet, and having a rich visual eye-catching images is a must have for anyone, who's building a successful marketing campaign.
A "free flight" mode allows to hover or pilot in the air, and is based on custom interface, which primary purpose is a clear indication of the main flight information without obscuring inflight view,
subsequently increasing a sense of immersion into the process.
We designed a mock-up variant of this interface as we see it:
Stepan Drunks
Margarita Nefedova

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