Personal automated medical device for self-injection
Industrial design
KarfidovLab is a company offering an engineering service of technological products. The team asked vosq to design an ergonomic case of personal automated self-injector that will be simple and user friendly, so any person without specific medical knowledge could use it. This collaboration resulted in "Komarik", in which we tried to implement solutions that would fit the criteria of both practical and usercentric design.
For today subcutaneous and intramuscular injections are remaining to be the most common and handy ways to deliver prescribed drugs for several reasons: this way the onset of actions begins faster, and the dosage is also lowered due to direct delivery into the bloodstream and can be measured with high precision. The biggest challenge here is to perform self-injection: besides mechanics and basic understanding of anatomy, the procedure is complicated by "internal struggle" and fear. As the result, procedures may not be regular, so the medication become faulty. Our designers suggested their vision of personal self-injector that would meet not only functional, but also ergonomic and aesthetic criteria.
Nikita Kolyadin
Alice Minkina
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